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Grenoble walnuts are simply cracking!

Well protected beneath its golden shell, the Grenoble walnut is very easy to store and keep. So, you can eat it all year round as it is, or in delicious savoury or sweet recipes!

Storing your walnuts

Grenoble walnuts are nuts that keep all year round when stored in a cool dark place. Thanks to current drying techniques, they keep their flavour for several months and when eaten produce a delicate flavour of freshly buttered bread and hazelnut in your mouth.

What’s the best way of cracking Grenoble walnuts?

For patient gourmets, with a screw nutcracker. It is gradual and gives you beautiful whole walnut halves.
For deft-handed gourmets, with a walnut opener. The shell and fruit remain intact. This method requires agility, but with a little practice, you soon get the knack.
For purist gourmets, by tapping firmly with a little hammer on the rounded side opposite the seams to keep the two golden walnut halves whole.